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Shenzhen zozilo lighting accessories co., LTD is specializing in the production of fluorescent tube, LED fluorescent tube, LED bulb, PC daylight lamp, fluorescent lamp PC tube, fluorescent lamp aluminum-plastic pipe, two-color fluorescent tubes, fluorescent lamp grind arenaceous, sun light diffusion fluorescent lamp, fluorescent lamp end cover, aluminum, fluorescent lamp round chimney, etc. Fluorescent lamp in order to adapt to the market, our company launched innovative new PC lamp tubes (pmma), including double color PC tube, frosted PC tube, sandblasting PC tube, light diffusion PC tube, etc., in addition to the high light transmittance, mixed light effect is good, still have a combination of UV resistance and flame retardant where V0 effect.

LED fluorescent tube because of its energy saving, the current penetration rate up to 50% more than in Japan, and the new product is also China's domestic rapid promotion. The existing main specifications have T10 LED daylight lamp (30), T8 (26), T6 (24), T5 (15) and other card slot tube and circular tube.

According to the function purpose is divided into a double color LED fluorescent tube, grind arenaceous the LED fluorescent tube, LED fluorescent tube light diffusion, striped LED fluorescent tube, aluminum double color LED lamp, at the same time equipped with LED lamp accessories, including lamp holder (PC lamp cap, aluminum cap lamp holder, lu: su composite lamp holder) and aluminum, etc.

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